Newest Version

Home v1.00 - PS4/Vita

Updated 2014/1028

This version updates and fixes the following:

  • initial launch!



Home v1.5.1 - iOS

Updated 2014/10/30

This version updates and fixes the following:

  • a bug where "99" could appear instead of text in the factory

Previous versions addressed:

  • iOS 8 support, including support for iPhone 6/6+
  • a few bugs that were hiding under the bed
  • improved memory allotment to prevent crashes for iPod Touch users
  • fixed a few small instances of items not "sticking"
  • added new sharing and rating options (please use 'em!)
  • factory floor bug
  • some instances where "99" would be shown instead of the correct text
  • sewer end-level bug with ladder
  • factory keycard-door bug
  • "evil twin" bug in the house
  • a bug with the end credits
  • typos and additions to the end credits
  • huge performance improvements (complete engine rewrite!)
  • new text, typo corrections and edits
  • entirely new areato explore
  • room-by-room auto-save features for quick app resume
  • various bug fixes

Home v1.5.0 - Windows & Mac

Updated 2014/10/17

This version updates and fixes the following:

  • HD resolution (720p and 1080p) support
  • widscreen support
  • revised controls
  • small bugs and performance enhancements

Previous versions addressed:

  • a bug where some users with Intel HD Graphics 4000/5000 chips saw odd layers of textures, missing graphics, etc.
  • a bug where the player couldn't access the attic with an Xbox 360 controller
  • and many more...

For Steam customers: your game will be updated automatically whenever a new version is available. Just launch Steam and allow the new version to download.

For customers who bought the game on this website: we will update the game file if bugs are found; please check here before emailing to see if you have the latest version. As soon as a new version is available, you can use your BMT Micro Orders email to download it.

Having problems?

If you're having a technical problem with the game, please send an email and we'll try our best to help you out.

1) Please state the problem you're having, and, if necessary, your environment (OS version, what you were doing, etc.)

2) READ THE FAQ FIRST to see if your question can be answered on this page

Are you a media-type person, and want to talk about Home?

Then by all means, get in touch! We can add you to our press list for future updates, and you can contact us if you need materials for writing a review or feature.

Known Issues

iOS v1.5.1

November 27, 2014
That odd instance where "99" can appear is back in a different form! It's on the list to be squashed.

PS4 v1.0.0

November 11, 2014
A couple of folks have mentioned some trophies not unlocking. This is being looked into right now and will be addressed in an update.

A very small number of users have also mentioned being unable to progress in the final area of the game.

Windows v1.5.0

November 11, 2014
Some players are noticing they get a black screen when launching the game with a GeForce 9400 GT graphics card. This is being looked into.



Q: When is Home coming out for PlayStation in Europe?

A: By the end of 2014, I hope! Just sorting out final region approvals.Looks like admin things took too long, so Home will be available for PlayStation 4 and Vita in Europe sometime in January 2015. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience!


Q: May I play Home for a "let's play" or walkthrough video on YouTube (or elsewhere)?

A: Yes! Feel free to play Home to create "let's play" videos for sharing websites like YouTube, Twitch, etc. All I ask is that you link back to in your description.


Q: The game quits/appears to crash randomly when playing on an iPod Touch (4th generation)

A: Since v1.4.4 we think we've got this covered, but if it happens to you, please send us an email of where this happened to you and we'll look into it!

Q: I get an error when opening the factory door near the power box (e.g. "FATAL ERROR in action umber 1 of [Unknown Event] for object objLeaves: Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get -5.factoryMachine(100306,-1)")

A: This bug has been fixed in version 1.4.2; please check your App Store app and go to "Updates."


Q: I get an error when opening the factory door near the power box (e.g. "FATAL ERROR in action umber 1 of [Unknown Event] for object objLeaves: Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get -5.factoryMachine(100306,-1)")

A: This bug has been fixed in version 1.4.2; please check your App Store app and go to "Updates."

Q: I get an error at the end of the sewers (e.g. "FATAL ERROR in action umber 1 of [Unknown Event] for object objLeaves: Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get -5.txt_sw_end_wts4_v6(102096,-1)")

A: This bug has been fixed in version 1.4.1; please check your App Store app and go to "Updates."

Q: I get a fatal error when using the key card in the factory.

A: This bug has been fixed in version 1.4.1; please check your App Store app and go to "Updates."


Windows / Mac / Steam

Q: I see messed-up graphics, textures or my character/flashlight is missing.

A: This was an issue with some users that had Intel HD Graphics 4000 cards. Version 1.4.7 should fix this.

Q: How do I save in the game?

A: As of v1.3.3, Home now features an auto-save feature. The game will save automatically at a few key points throughout the game. When you exit the game, it'll let you know what it will remember for you.

Q: (For BMT Micro orders) Why does my download link say "password blocked?"

A: This is an odd remnant of our distribution system that pops up from time to time. Just email us and we'll get you new passwords that work.

Q: How can I get a Steam key?

A: If you ordered an Old-School Collector's Edition, you will be emailed a Steam key for your copy of the game as a bonus.

Q: Who don't customers who bought the Standard Edition get a Steam key?

A: We wanted to make this a bonus for those who bought the Old-School Collector's Edition.

Q: Will you still update my game?

A: Yes! Regardless if you bought Home from this website or from Steam, you will always be provided with the latest updates!

Q: Where is my Steam manual?

A: Check the right-hand-column on the Steam store page; click on "View the Manual" to get the PDF. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Home icon in Steam, choose Properties, and find the link there.

Q: The game isn't loading sound. What do I do?

A: A few people with Asus sound cards in Windows 7 are experiencing this issue. We've been told one of these two options should work:

1. Try right-clicking the Home executable, and choosing "Run as Administrator."

2. In the Asus driver menu, you must turn off the "Xear 3D" and the "SoundRadar" modes. (Submitted by K4on)

(Click for larger version)

Another user notes: "I had the problem when using the Dolby effects processor with the Xonar features apparently turned off. You can only run one or the other but it seems leaving the Xonar settings turned on while using the Dolby processor also prevents Game Maker from detecting the audio device."

Q: My game freezes after my screensaver kicks in (Windows Vista)

A:There is a bug with Game Maker games that can cause this in certain versions of Windows (specifically, Vista). While there isn't a fix for this, if you please turn off your screensaver before playing, you should be okay.

Q: When I try to start Home, I see the error message "Floating point division by zero."

A: This seems to be an issue with 32-bit copies of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Server and Server 2008) that have had the Physical Address Extension (PAE) patch of SP1 installed. You'll need to use a non-patched version of Windows.

Q: The game freezes or crashes when I move up the watertower, or when I make a choice in the basement (v1.3.1).

A: There's a bug that we are going to address in the next update.

Q: Why does my character keep moving left (v1.1)?

A: The magic of the Force, we reckon. This bug has been patched in v1.2.

Q: At the end of the game, it says I haven't seen X but I totally have. What's the deal (v1.1 or v1.2)?

A: This has been fixed in v1.3.


Q: Will Home be made available for iOS, OS X, Android, Game Boy Colour, ZX Spectrum, etc.?

A: Home has been announced for the Mac and iOS platforms; we're also hoping to bring it to Android. Read about our plans for the game.

Q: How can I order an Old-School Collector's Edition of Home?

A: The run of OSCEs were sold out during the pre-order process (it was a limited batch of 200).

Q: What is the code to the safe?

A: Players who got in on the Old-School Collector's Edition had the means to discover this, and now it seems the internet has answered this question, if you know where to look. Steam users: you might want to check that fancy PDF manual you got with the game...