I think Norm and Rachel had something going on. I'm not sure what, but after I lost my job I couldn't deal with things anymore and let myself go. She went with another man, and I just got angrier and angrier. So I took it out on Norm and Rachel, and blacked out after burying her in the yard. Or at least, that's what I think happened.

Rachel was imagined by the protagonist as a coping mechanism, as something to give him hope, as his world began disintegrating around him. I imagine it's possible that he's been murdering [the] town's women during his blackouts, that Norman discovered it and he killed Norman (and then I killed Rachel, which was a hell of a twist)—but I think it's also possible that Norman's the murderer and that I discovered this and killed him, which triggered my "awakening."

Norman and Rachel had an affair, and Rachel left to get a new perspective on things. She's alive somewhere.

But who was that shadow following me in the forest?

I killed Rachel. That's what the husband thinks, anyway. It's what he tells himself because he can't handle facing that he dreamed Rachel into his life. She belonged elsewhere, with Norm. The "husband" was a significant other to no one; he was single, alone. He was doomed to be alone, and he knew it. That's why he killed. He fantasised about carving a world for just him and Rachel. He cut through anyone who would threaten the fantasy. When reality became too strong to fight, he lashed out at the only person left in his world—me. He cut through me with his accusations.

But I never killed Rachel. Never could have.

I was alone—maybe always had been.

Maybe I had been jealous of what Norman had. Maybe I was just fearful of being stuck with an expensive TV I couldn't afford from a store with no return policy.

But I would have done anything to have had a Rachel in my life, an anchor to support me, keep me from losing myself.

Or maybe I had really chased my Rachel away. Or worse.

Regardless, I couldn't tell where my drinking ended and my lost time began. But I had clearly been troubled soul and I brought a whole lot of trouble back to where I once called home.

I pooped my pants!

I looked around trying to find the truth, and though I didn't go through every single thing (I missed a couple of doors & such), everything seemed to point to one thing. Rachel was either killed by this mystery man or died at my hands. I couldn't deal with everything I had uncovered, which ranged from a dead best friend to my wife's possible infidelity and that I may have killed both. I took the gun and sat at the kitchen table with a resolve to end what needed to be ended.

I was dissatisfied with my situation—no job, no prospects, marriage going bad. Rachel felt the same way and turned to Norman. Me? I drank. I drank and drank, blacking out, "sleepwalking" and systematically murdering local women. Then I turned on Rachel and Norman... and woke up.

Rachel never existed. She was a figment of the character's imagination. The man in the house had apparently killed his wife and left her in the basement to rot. Norman was sneaking into the factory and possibly killed the security guard. We'd been sleepwalking, which is how we lost our possessions along the way. Seems like it all left more questions unanswered....

I really wish I had let that mouse out of the trap.

I didn't want to believe.
I didn't want to believe my beloved wife was dead...
... but I found her corpse in the basement.
I didn't want to believe my friend Norman betrayed me...
... but I found a letter from my beloved wife implying that they were together.
I didn't want to believe I killed people during my sleepwalking...
... but I found a lot of clues suggesting it.
I didn't want to believe I also killed my beloved wife and my dearest friend...
... by she was dead in my house and I know I was in my friend's home even I don't remember it.
I didn't want to believe...

I think Rachel was just a figment of my imagination. Or someone I met, then imagined a life around. I lost my job at the factory and found myself in a depressing spiral. Maybe Norman felt something similar. Maybe that's why he kept returning to the factory. Did I kill those people, or did he? Maybe nobody got killed. Perhaps it's all just in my head. Either way, I need to get out of here.

The First Body and Norman were a couple of murderers who hung out in the tunnels below town, hence the maps, town history books, news clippings, guns. They had been murdering girls for a while, but somehow Norman had gotten involved with Rachel (maybe planning on murdering her?).

Rachel eventually confessed the affair to her husband Our Hero, who may have gone to confront Norman. But somehow Norman and the First Body overpowered him, and took him into the tunnels. They realized they could frame him for the murders they committed, and so placed his personal effects around their crime scenes.

While all this was happening, they were keeping Our Hero in the tunnels, using those smelly chemicals to keep him unconscious (hence his groggy, weakened state in the game). However, somehow their plan went awry, and Our Hero escaped.

Our Hero used the handgun to kill Norman in his house, and then goes to First Body's house to kill him as well. However, still groggy from the chemicals, he collapses afterwards and can't remember anything. He wakes up in First Body's house, and the game begins.

The protagonist found out that his wife was cheating him with his ex co-worker Norman... so he killed her and the guy but fainted in Norman's house and became amnesiac. While trying to get out of Norman's home, he basically back-tracked his steps. At first I thought it was a "homicidal maniac" story because of the butcher tools and newspaper stuff, but ultimately they were just a "red herring". I started thinking that the protagonist was the real killer as soon as he noticed a vent and dirt on the floor and said "the guy who jumped down from there could have injured himself" and BOOM that explained his limping and dirty shoes. From that moment, every piece of information fit my "amnesiac murderer" theory perfectly.

After rushing to get home, only stopping to arm myself lest I be followed by the eyes in the forest, I discovered my dead friend, then my dead wife. Seemingly obvious proof that they were having an affair was found in a mailbox. I seemed to have been gone from home a long time, and I was asleep a long time. Although drinking is an exit, there should always be friends who count on me enough to contact me when I'm on [the lam] for a while. Maybe I have no more friends. I wish I had explored more around the camp sites, and more in the tunnels, not going back to try the key...

I blacked out... After I lost my job at the factory I took to drinking. My wife Rachel could only handle so much, before deciding she had to leave the house. She moved in with my best friend Norman, until things cooled off. When I found the letter Norman had sent her about the details I thought she was leaving me. I did the unthinkable and killed them both in cold blood. Now, I am sitting in the clawfooted bathtub we loved so much, with an old knife in my hand.

The main Character is unwell, both mentally and physically. For a period leading up tonight's events, he became involved in increasingly horrific crimes, but whether through illness or trauma, he is left unable to accept this. During tonight's episode, he becomes aware of himself. As he escapes from the house and travels back home, he is confronted with evidence of his acts, but he deludes himself, choosing to believe that he is being followed by the murderer. As we pass through Norman's shop, we learn of an affair between Norman and Rachel. We later learn that the Character knew of this, and we suspect his involvement in her death. Yet, when he arrives home and should be brought face-to-face with this reality, he denies it. The Character pushes further into delusion, choosing to believe that her body is not in the basement—that she never even existed—and creating a fiction which blames Norman for all the murders he's seen tonight. But not everything fits this fiction... Who was the first body seen tonight? Why were there two men on the tape? Did the Character have a partner in these crimes, perhaps even Norman? Answers to these would take the Character too close to the truth of his guilt, and so rather than dealing with these questions, he fills his pockets with the weapons he found—these last reminders of his crimes must be removed from the house—and wanders out into the night.

The Protagonist, while everything is changing all the time, is trapped in his own head and his own memories. Since there are parallels between his home and the house he woke up in, I think, he's living through his nightmares over and over again. I don't think, that he killed anyone, although I don't think anyone has been killed at all. This perhaps was reality, once: His wife left him, after he lost his job and he started drinking more and more. I suppose, it's only his fear, that she left with Norman, because he saw her more relaxed, when he was around, so the suspicion grew in his subconscionsness. He perhaps read about old murders.

I don't think, anything, that happened, was real, in the meaning of our reality, because all the things he found and where he found them, there was too much symbolism in it and the possibilities were cerca zero.

At the moment he could be at home, drunk, in an asylum, drugged, or etc., just living through his fears.

The old man was doing something around town. Possibly murders, possibly not, though that list and notes are pretty damning evidence. But something was certainly happening with that old water tower. Something odd.

I was the killer. But maybe not of everyone. If Rachel was indeed my wife, I was the one who killed her. If she was always Norman's, it was probably still me. But I think the Old Man, his wife, and the guard, among others... were probably something I was involved with, but I don't think I killed them.

The bodies in the woods, though? If they really were from the list, it was probably my fault. I'm not sure why I killed them, but I'm pretty sure that I did. My belongings were all around that area, and I'm the one that lost them.

Anyway, I fled my house. I wasn't able to take my own life, even after all that. I'm sure I was caught soon after, but it's not like I was thinking right at that point anyway. Not by far.

But of what I can remember, I still have some regrets. What the hell was on that tape? Maybe that would have filled in the blanks. Or maybe I would've been able to end it all.

I think the player is a ghost. I think the house you wake up in is yours, and so is the body you find. The photo the switch is hidden behind looks like your character, and the woman I'm assuming is Rachel. I think your character was a schizophrenic who, going by the evidence found in the basement and forest, had been murdering and even kidnapping some women for years. I don't believe the protagonist even knew he was doing it. But when he lost his job and fell into a depression, he and Rachel decided to call a "time out" and she moved to a new place, though they hoped to reconcile. When the protagonist found out she had been cheating on him, however, he snapped and killed her. When he realised what he'd done, he went back to his house and killed himself. Throughout the game, you're playing as a spirit retracing your steps and gradually coming to face the realisation of who you really are and what you've done.

I feel like it was that guy at the house... because why else would he have Rachel's name on that list, along with all those other girls? I mean.. there is a lot of speculation about Rachel's husband doing it because of his history of sleep-walking, yes, but if that were the case than what would that other guy have to do with it, and the tools in his house and everything...? Maybe her husband did do it, but that guy had a big part in it too. I have no idea, this is making me think so much! It's gonna kill me, haha!

So from what I surmised, Rachel was on a long list of people to be murdered. I think that the 8 other names on that list belonged to spouses of the men that I worked with at the parts factory. While in the factory, Norman's locker has a picture of a woman whose face is torn out. While its possible that this is Rachel, it is also likely that this is the picture of a woman who crossed Norman. I think that I, along with some of the other workers, got drunk and subsequently murdered (or planned to murder, as some of the names aren't crossed off yet) our spouses. When I wake up, I find a dead man and later, in his basement, a dead woman. Perhaps after murdering my own wife Rachel, in my sleepwalking state, I murdered some of my fellow co workers (Norman included) as I realized what we'd done was unforgivable.

The rat murdered everyone and knocked out the protagonist. Then it got stuck in a trap.

Rachel killed everyone but didn't kill me so that I would think that I killed everyone else. This was confirmed when I didn't find her down at the basement. She knocked me out inside the house I woke up in and set up everything so that I would think I did it. She was the shadow lurking behind me, constantly following me just to make sure I would follow her set up correctly. She set up the "cheating wife" scenario on Norman which was explained by the letter which was purposely not pushed inside the mailbox so that I would eventually find it. She set this scenario up so that I would think that I would black out and do something crazy like kill my friend. All of this she's done because she was sick of me. And she thought my regret would eventually lead to my suicide. Everyone else was just a loose end including me. She did all this so that she could get away clean, but she thought wrong. So now, i'm set to find her...

Mystery Man had a past, he said so himself. The factory and Rachel gave him structure. He thought he had found the perfect woman, a woman that defied his expectations. His father had taught him that women cheat and need to be dealt with. He learned from his father how to kill women, the vile women who lie and break hearts. The home he wakes up in is his childhood home, and the man he killed was his father. He killed him, his mentor, last. Some of the names in the notebook were old and faded, his father's victims; the names in recent ink where his victims.

Once he met Rachel and got the job, he tried to put that life behind him, but no woman can live up to an idealized fantasy of perfection. He lost his job, which is when the drinking began. He tried to deny that Rachel was having an affair, and he started killing other women. He black out, lost time, and he started living in the old factory and going back to the tunnels under his childhood home. Once he realized Rachel was going to leave him, he couldn't take it any more. He killed Norman with Norman's gun. He killed Rachel. He killed the guard and the sewer worker because they were witnesses or crossed his path at the wrong moment. Shattered that the love of his life was gone, he confronted his father, which is why he went to that house. The similar books and maps in both places; he had to learn from someone.

Thinking of starting over, he got rid of all aspects of his old life. He's running, escaping, but he will be caught soon.

I witnessed something I never should have. Cold blooded murder. And just because I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
I have the tendency to walk when I'm supposed to be sleeping, that'll get you in awkward situations from time to time. Besides that I also have a drinking problem, great match.

Turned out my dear friend Norman was having an affair with the woman next door. Her husband found out and didn't take it so well. He hired some thugs and put a hit out on her and poor Norman.

Somehow I ended up alive in a house where the hitman were busy just a while before I woke up. Looks like they were narrowing down a list, must have been a busy night for them. I'm lucky they didn't catch me. I made it back to my house. A small miracle considering my state of mind back than. Worrying about Rachel, my imaginary girlfriend. It's embarrassing I know. I feel like an idiot every time I finally realize that. It all sounds to ridiculous to be true, and perhaps it is.

My only worry now is that I might have left prints at the crimescene, and I took that bloody knife with me because I was terrified at the time. I can only hope they don't track it and pin it on me. Maybe I should stay low for a while.

Be sure to lock the doors when I go to sleep.

She was so beautiful... So kind, loving, and innocent. But she wasn't mine. She was Norm's. Every day I would go to Norm's store to pick up a magazine and watch Rachel smile as she handed me my change. That smile... She wanted me. ME! Norm was a good friend, but I was so lonely... I bought train tickets for Rachel and I, I even packed my suitcase. There was just one, small, problem: Norm.

I am the old man. As the factory closed my drinking became more and more, and the time just flew away. One night, in the midst of a drunken rage, I killed both "Rachel" and "Norman", both of who had actually died many years earlier. The other people were living in the same houses that the respective people had once lived. As the horror of what i had done to people i knew sunk in, i ran. I ran to the top of the water tower that held memories for me and emptied my wallet of anything to remind me of who i am, and ran to my current house. My elderly mind, ravaged by years of drinking had had enough, piled under the weight of murder I slipped back through my memories to find the place that i had last been happy, and lay to die. As the memories after this happy time slipped away i was woken by storm to attempt an escape, and relived a time that never happened through full blown insanity.

Rachel wasn't there. This whole time I had been searching, in the back of my mind wondering if I was simply retracing my steps, eventually to realize I was the murderer, the drinker. The blood on my pants was not my own. The limp in my leg an injury from a struggling victim. But I couldn't remember. I was confused.

Turns out, I'm not who I thought I was. I'm just a mind in the back of his head. I was just telling him where to go, what to think. He wasn't a killer. He didn't hurt her. He couldn't have, because she was never there.

He was confused. And so was I.

Maybe we're not so different after all.

The real protagonist is the man we find dead at the beginning. He caught up with and confronted 'H'. A fight ensued and the protagonist died. Being mentally unstable 'H' creates a fantasy and more or less retraces the protagonist's steps. Believing he has done nothing wrong he finds more and more clues that don't mach his fantasy. When 'H' finds Rachel's body and along with the clues of what actually happened his brain shuts down again. Waking up again with a new fantasy.

I think the main character was jealous of Norman and Rachel (they were actually married), and was imagining his relationship/marriage to her. At some point, someone called him on it and he killed her.

I believe that this had happened repeatedly, with each of the names in the notebook (more or less), and the main character had been using the house and factory as staging grounds, killing those who happened to be too close.

He might have done this unconsciously via sleepwalking.

I once had a wife named Rachel, she killed herself because of me. She felt that she was only being a burden to me and that she was causing me to drink and self-loathe. It wasn't true of course. It was my damn fault. I moved to a new place, got my life back on track, and then I lost my job. Everything started to fall apart and I found myself waking up in the strangest places. I think I'm going crazy. I'm pretty sure I AM crazy... there's so much blood on my hands now. I think Norman saw me murder someone in my sleep... I think I must have murdered Norman... I think there's a lot of blood on my hands... I need to get out of here.

After a long and horrible night, I went home and killed myself in a bathtub with an already bloody knife.

I was glad to free that mouse. At least one soul was free of its predicaments then. I found my way through the sewers, past an abandoned camp site and into Normans house. He laid dead before me. All I could do was close his eyes and try to give him peace. Rachel wasn't there for me anymore... she was never there for me. A pure figment of my imagination that drove me to find out who had been killing those innocent women. What I found wasn't someone else... it was me.

Rachel was a delusion who never existed, was a coping mechanism for a lonely man who had nothing in his life except a few loose friends, including Norman. I believe the whole story (until the ending where he awakens) was a fantasy where his life was interesting and he was a part of something bigger and this is also partly why he never discovered anything specific about what was going on, so he could never find fault in the plot he was inventing.

I believe it is possible that Rachel (whom in my ending was just a figment of my imagination, seemingly) is "the other man" and killed people in conjuncture with Norman, whom she had convinced to help her murder people. If Norman was the one drinking, then it explains the receipt for the train tickets for two, as he planned to escape with her. It also explains why your house is involved, her old clothes are there, and possibly some of the similarities between books found in your house, and in the one you start in, as made reference to by the bookcase in your house. Rachel drugs you and scatters the contents of your wallet in an attempt to frame you. Side effects of the drug could include short term memory loss, and explain that you arrived (by following Rachel) at that location by going through the vents. It still needs some re-examination, but I feel it is possible.

What happened? Rachel never existed, I called the shots. She wasn't ever real, and he knew it. He didn't want to believe it, but I showed him the truth. Norman was simply part of the entire scheme of things, he was the one who drank all that alcohol. He killed the security guard, and the man in the tunnels. Norman placed that mouse in the trap, and set out all sorts of false information, claiming that Rachel existed, simply to toy with the man's twisted fantasy. I showed him the gun, and he took it upon himself to end it that night.

I've woken up in my parents house. For few weeks there were rumors about a killer roaming streets of our town and my dad decided to block the entrance to his house. The thing he didn't realize was that since I've lost my job I was an utter and complete mess. I drank a lot of booze and went nuts - had an imaginary wife and started to squat in places that were somehow dear to me. And it was me who killed mom and buried her in basement. He didn't know that, and neither did I - it was this evil-me that I've tried to fight but he was stronger than me.

Before I woke up I've killed not only my dad and sewage worker who had found my secret room in sewers but also my friend Norm, who had wanted to help me. Evil-me didn't want that, so he shot him.

I've lost any hope, so I've decided that I should destroy everything that surrounds me - my family, my friends... The "good" side of me tried to cope with this feelings in other way - I've fantasized about wife that I've always wanted to have, about having a nice house with flatscreen... But I was delusional...

Norman and another man, they were killing women in town. They enjoyed it. Rachel was Norman's wife and he was the one who was drinking too much. And Rachel wanted to leave him. Perhaps she was suffering from physical abuse from him.

I think she was planning to run with me and that we were in love. But the letter I found I think it was addressed to me, not to Norman. She told Norman the truth and he killed her.

I discovered the truth (her body in the basement), buried her and went to Norman's. He confessed, he tried to kill me (there was where I hurt my leg) but I killed him instead. And there I found clues of the location of another man who could have helped him to kill Rachel. So I went to kill him too. I was getting rid of my ID and stuff so I could disappear after that. But after killing the another man I blacked out after all the stress and because I have a brain tumour.

Rachel knew about this and this tumour was the reason because I was suffering from black-outs and imaginations.

My relationship with Rachel had been falling apart, and the more we fought the harder I drank. First the sleepless dreams, then blacking out for hours at a time.

Stress always caused it. Like the night she stormed out on me for a pack of cigarettes and a cry.

I went to Norman's like I usually did instead of dealing with the problem. I read the books he suggested before his wife had left him (for all the good they did) but he always had better advice \"Women...simply aren't worth a damn.\"

Then I heard the gunshot. I went around back. Searched everywhere. Found Rachel's coat and for a moment thought, \"No...no no no.\" But then I found him, heart as burst as mine was.

I followed the tracks and trails through familiar locations that only Norman and I knew about. Found the corpse and the passage to the sewers. Hurt my leg crawling through that shaft.

And then I realized I couldn't even remember what I was chasing or why. Just the thought that Rachel must have been involved.

I found the old man crying in the living room. I asked him where he took her but he just laughed. Just kept staring at that picture saying, \"Not her. Not her.\"

He seemed to think I needed to go, so he lunged at me, and in the struggle and the drunken haze he died. And I sobered up.

I found the torture rooms and blood stains and the gun. Figured whoever lived here might come back.

I found those books Norman suggested. I found his catharsis in the woods. I found the trail of breadcrumbs that bastard had left to all of the poorly-hidden bodies. A diversion. A scapegoat.

I'll probably never find Rachel. She wouldn't want me to even if it were possible.

The main character had much pent up rage over not being able to use the toilet, so he went on a crazy killing rampage.

Rachel and I enjoyed murdering. It's what we enjoyed.

The list we made did not satisfy the hunger.

Rachel. Thanks for completing me.

Searched through the house to find an exit. Where was I? Death was all around me. A man and a woman. Dead. Crawled through the sewers. Found the ramblings of a mad man. Escaped the madness into the woods. Traveled though the rain. Found two dead girls and their belongings. A notebook with names. Were the girl's names on it? Stepped out of the woods and found my way into my old work place, now a broken down factory. Another dead body found on the factory grounds. A security guard this time. Found Norman's locker with some things that belonged to my wife. Also found a room with many bottles. Maybe they were his. I had to find him. Went to his house and the store he opened when the factory closed. Found a box of my wife's belongings. In a room I found him dead. Who killed him? The man at the house? I had to find my wife. Ran home. A mailbox with a letter half tucked in. Read it. My wife was having an affair with Norman? Was she leaving me? Arrived at home. Memories of good and bad times. My wife's suitcase was on the bed. A train ticket. She was leaving. Made my way into the basement. A wall separated me from a resolution. Crowbar in hand, I hit it until it crumbled. In a corner, in a pile of rubble laid my wife's body. No life in it. Who had done this? Did Norman suspect she was leaving him? Did he kill her? Was it the man in the house? And who had killed him. My own memories a mess. My Sleepwalking. Anger within. Did I do all this? I left the house. A bloodied knife I had found in my hand. All the horrific memories in my mind. The police would be here soon.

When I found Rachel in the basement, hidden behind a hastily sealed-over wall, I realized what I had become...

All those years I had spent at the factory had been satisfying, happy even. Rachel and I were in love, life looked like it just might work out, and I spent my nights in relaxation, reading the books off my old bookcase. I mostly read Poe, finding a fascination in stories like "The Black Cat" and "The Cask of Amontillado..." "The Tell-tale Heart..."

When I lost my job, I began having these black-outs. Nothing too serious at first; I'd sleep-walk to the kitchen downstairs or out into the backyard, and awaken confused and disoriented. But after Rachel told me she was going away for a while, and I finally got the reason out of her... Christ.

I lost it. I killed her. I stuck her body in the wall, hid it from sight, like the wife in "The Black Cat," or Fortunato in "The Cask of Amontillado," or the old man in "The Tell-tale Heart." In my anger and desperation, I lost all sense. I killed Norman, and those women, and the couple in that house. I even killed that poor security guard; as I bashed in his skull with the flashlight, feeling it crunch into a bloody pulp beneath my clenched fingers, I pictured Rachel and Norman lying together, their faces leering out at me from under a bed-sheet, laughing and sneering.

I killed them all. It's coming back to me, in pieces maybe, but it's true. I try to lie to myself, try to hold out hope that it wasn't me, that maybe the man in the old house was somehow involved, or maybe even Norman... but no. Everyone was a victim... except me.

I killed them all.